Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Seven years bad luck?

I seem to have a penchant for broken glass lately. Maybe the 'forces' are trying to tell me something or maybe my stuff is just getting old and worn out.

Sunday I heard a crash that sounded like a brick being thrown through a window.. I checked every room - nothing. But, I forgot to look at the ceiling or behind the work table that is presently sitting in front of my fireplace (which I do not use). My grandson found and cleaned up the mess caused by a glass globe falling off a ceiling light. He'd changed a bulb recently and evidently did not screw the globe back on securely and it had fallen and hit the hearth.

Then, let's see, two days later... this morning to be in fact.... I open up the medicine cabinet to put the mouth wash back and the dang door fell off. Crashed to the floor and broke into a zillion pieces. It was a mirrored door. Do you suppose I will have seven years bad luck?  It was a large mirror... that could be 14 years!! So, guess I am in the market for a new globe and a new medicine cabinet and keep my fingers crossed for good luck.

I guess you can tell I don't have a thing to post about on here!! The weather's been so bad and then I have been fighting with that dry socket from that tooth pull. Who wants to hear about those things so it's broken glass today.

I am not going to post without some sort of pictures!

Oh, let me show you.... I had a phone conversation with my publisher rep. yesterday and we moved forward enough so that they have now opened up an account for me and I will be working with the design team from now on. ... Oh, those of you who don't know... it's about a book I wrote. I finally gave it a title. "Springtime In Magnolia". So here is a picture I took of my computer monitor showing my account at Createspace with the title of my book. I am so excited.

And, being bored out of my mind, I have taken to snapping silhouettes of birds eating at the feeder, the reflection showing through my sunroom drapes. Isn't this getting pathetic?
I think I need to grab my camera and get some new pictures. The sun is finally shining and the snow is gone. Maybe within a few days I can have some goodies to share.
You all take care,


  1. Oh my you are having a bad time. We are warming up and I got out in the yard and did a little work. Made me feel better.
    I know you are excite about your book. I am excited to talk to a real author.
    Things are looking up>

  2. Congratulations on getting your book ready for sale! And I hope your tooth problem is much better. Don't worry about that mirror thing. We have a friend who works in a glass shop. He says he's broken enough mirror to live to be a million!

  3. Wow, sounds like a run of bad luck...hopefully nothing else happens.

  4. Oh. don't let those broken mirrors bother you...it is not like you stomped on them or something like that!!!!! Lol! I am anxiously awaiting your new book. I told my husband that I will stop right in the middle of the book I am reading ..in order to start yours. I am very excited about it. I know it will be a wonderful book!

    Have a happy Wednesday. My granddaughter is coming for the afternoon tomorrow and fixing us dinner ...just for fun. I can hardly wait!

    Take care of that tooth! My sister had that once and it was not a good time at all!!!


  5. That's a really cool idea to take those silhouette pictures. Almost called you yesterday, 'cause I found myself in Wakefield by chance. Took advantage of the nice weather for one last trip to Disputanta.

  6. Wow, your own book! That must be thrilling! .....we were just talking about how things around the house need replaced sooner or later. Or else 'Murphy,s law'. Lol. Thanks for the nice comment at my blog. I have been known to take photos of shadows and things. Especially now that I have the magic puzzle app from iTunes that can turn your pictures into jigsaw puzzles. Wishing you sunshine and warmer.temps!

  7. YAYYYY!!!!!! I am so excited that the book is getting closer to being published! And that was quite a run of broken glass. I broke my base to my Pfalzgraf butter dish a couple of months ago and it made me so mad! And you remember that bottle of spray Jewel cologne you gave me. I';d only use4d about half of it, and one day moved to to the other side of the bathroom sink along with other things I keep there, to clean to sink area, and didn't sit it straight on it's base. And CRASH! This was before the trip and the house still smelled like Jewel even after we got back! :-) I hated losing that so much. Mine appears to be fumble-finger problems. Your recent breaks had nothing to do with you. That's better, I suppose, but boy I bet you are still cleaning up glass from that bathroom mirror! :-) By the way, like your artsy birdfeeder picture. :-) I got a chuckle out of your frustration with having no pics to post.


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