Thursday, February 13, 2014

Should I clean house or take a nap?

I am so sorry I have been slower than a turtle on a chilly morning about my blogging lately. I have neglected all of you and I apologize. The tooth extraction that I had last week and was bragging about being a 'piece of cake' decided to act up. Got a dry socket and for any of you who have had them then you know it's not one bit of fun. I promise to try my hardest to catch up.

It snowed AGAIN! And, the weatherman says we are going to get another dose of the white stuff this afternoon, on into tonight. Dang... I do love snow but this is ridiculous. But, with being closed up in the house I am getting a bunch of stuff done. Maybe God sends the snow so we will slow down and take care of life instead of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

I got to visit with my grandsons family last Sunday. The two great-grands are so sweet. The baby is 7 weeks old and his big brother is 3 1/2. How's that for a lot of Sweet Sugar!! And, believe me, I got my share.

I ran across this file card the other day. It has to be 35-40 years old. These are household tips from Heloise. She used to have a column in the newspaper every day and I followed her advice on cleaning the house religiously. Somehow, I veered off course in these later years and I wonder if I started back using them I'd be a better housewife. Housewife? You sure don't hear that term much anymore, do you? Since I've lost my hubby I wonder if the correct term would be 'housewidow'? Hmmm... just wondering.

Well, I guess I will run along now. Let's see....I've
1. Removed the breakfast dishes
2. I've loaded the dishwasher
3. Whoops, I haven't made the bed. You know, I did get up way too early this morning and I may need a nap later on.
4. I have picked up the papers and books.  I even cleaned up the area around my computer monitor.
5. Haven't cleaned the bathroom.... but I did take a shower.
6. Didn't do the vacumning either. Don't do that every day.
7. A feather duster? Who the heck uses those anymore?

If I hurry up and complete my chores I may have time to watch some Olympics... or take that nap.



  1. I think you're right Latane. God gives us snow so we must slow down. I've always said that if it weren't for the snow, there'd be no Snow Angels. :) Enjoy a little snooze this afternoon.

  2. Nnnnnaaaaappppppp.....zzzzzz....

  3. Hope you took a "little snooze"!

  4. I think a Swiffer duster thing might do instead of a feather duster these days.

  5. Those great grandsons are precious.
    So sorry about your tooth problems. That is no fun at all.
    Wishing you a nice Valentine's Day.

  6. I think I should copy those instructions...maybe I would do better. I was thinking the other day that you don't hear the term Homemaker any more...

  7. Oh I am sorry, I experienced a dry socket once and really thought I'd prefer to jump off a bridge than have that pain. I remember Heloise, didn't she have grey hair prematurely? Beautiful photo of you and the grands and I say NAP :-).

  8. Cute post, Mom! And I love the picture of you with the great-grandsons! Very sweet! Yes, I suppose snow could be a reminder to stay IN and get things done! :-) I have gotten back to quilting Yvonne's's coming along. Going back in there in a minute. Oh, I didn't understand all that advice about the goose do I make the border black with white writing? :-) I'm just NOT too computer savvy!

  9. You have reminded me of my early days as a newlywed. I used to make lists all the time. I was so forgetful! Naps are a wonderful idea!

  10. Your photos are lovely! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  11. What a sweet picture of you with your great grands!!! Lots of love (and sugar!) there, for sure.
    Love the "vintage" housekeeping card.


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