Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Blue-wing Teal

If you follow my blog, you know that I have moved. Read about that HERE

And, as a friend said to me recently (in a mocking way)
                                    'I can tell you can hardly stand to live there!!" 

Guess I have been pretty free with my excitement and joy. Sorry about boring you to death with that. Well, no, maybe I am not sorry. Friends just do that... listen when they don't want to, Right?

One of the joys I have every single day is being able to sit on my balcony and look out over the lake (it's small but still a lake). Lately I've been watching a mother duck and her four little ducklings.

Usually they are so far away so that I have to use my zoom lens to it's fullest intent. But, yesterday mama and the babies were at waters edge on my end of the lake. I finally could see the detail of feathering and coloration.

 I ran to get my bird book. She's a blue-winged teal!

A hawk has been eyeing the babies.. I hope he doesn't catch one of them.

And where, might I add, are the geese that usually frequent that lake?

I haven't seen them since the duck family took up residence. I hope they come back. I will keep you posted, that's for sure.


  1. "Mocking" is not nice.
    I love hearing about your new life and happy for you, glad you tell all about it. I enjoy visiting you my blog friend.

  2. Hello there, Ms. Willie Latane, I am back!!! It must be quite enjoyable to be able to sit on your balcony and watch the wild life on the pond. I do not like the hawks. We had some vultures here for a few days last summer. I must say - I really do not like them at all!!!! Right now I am watching a hummingbird at the feeder getting a little drink. We don't get many but I sure do love watching them. Have a very nice rest of the day and start of a new week.

  3. Oh, I am tickled about your blue winged teal duck! Great shot of her and the babies peeping up, and great identification! Love the geese and the hawk too, but I sure hope those babies make it. Wonderful post!

  4. I think it is wonderful that you are enjoying your new digs!

  5. Yes, we do know how much you are enjiying your new home, Latane, and how very wonderful to share your joy at seeing new things, including this mother duck and her famiky.

  6. Love all of your posts and photos. I'm just thrilled that you are so happy in your new home. What a great place to take lots of photos. Love your Blue-winged Teal.... Hope the hawk stayed AWAY.

  7. I always like how other people in the world live ! Apparently you found a very nice place with a wonderful view !

  8. I'm glad you're happy with your move, Latane. It sounds like it was the right time for you to do this. I'm glad you're continuing to blog and share your lovely photos. I love to watch ducks with their ducklings. So sweet.

  9. I had rather have a friend expressing joy and excitement and to be down and out. Joy is contagious and it is hard to see a friend feeling down...

  10. I'm happy for you as well, Latane. Keep sharing your new discoveries and great memories. You have a great take on the world. It's good, too, that you have friends that feel comfortable enough to give you a little good-natured ribbing, as well.


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