Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Fences

I loved it when the Friday Fences meme was active. I got out in my car and snapped pictures coming and going... all of fences, of course. So, when the meme was laid to rest, I had this whole stack of fence pictures. What to do? Share them, naturally.

Here are some of my favorites:
This one was draped with garland and the post was decorated with a Christmas wreath. So Pretty!!
In upscale Greenwich, Ct. I found this rustic fence and gate!
Another rustic look. This one in Smithfield, Va.
I took this one on the Outer Banks, N. C.  Used Picmonkey to make it black and white and smudge the edges. You'd think Picmonkey was paying me for advertising but no, I just like using that program a lot and it's so easy!!
Another Smithfield, Va. fence. I thought it looked like an inch worm crawling along the ground with all the 'humps'. Pretty iron fence, though.
Do you ever notice fences? Sometimes they hide things behind them, sometimes they are open and airy, sometimes they are low or high, and made of so many different kinds of materials. Take a look in your neighborhood and see what kind of fences you can discover.


  1. Oh I love how you got right into capturing beautiful fences I especially love the picmonkey black and white. B

  2. What great shots and such a great idea for a meme. Why don't you start one off. I'm sure there would be an interest.

  3. Nice fence shots, some would be good for framing.

  4. Latane, I will try one more time to try to have your Verizon accept me.

  5. Great fences, Mom! I really love the way you made the beach view so "artsy" :-) And I think my favorite is the gorgeous iron fence. Next time link in with Good fences can find it on Run Around Ranch Report.

  6. I'm looking all around for fences now! And it's fun and interesting! Of course I LOVE your beach fences. I know I've taken some but can't find them. Sounds like a good excuse to go back to the beach! Happy weekend! Hugs, Diane

  7. Good Morning, These are so unique and pretty. TexWis has a fence meme now called Good Fences. Hope you will join.

  8. did you know i'm hosting good fences every thursday? please link in with this one next thursday!


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