Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birds on a Pond

Boy, it's cold out there. We broke records this past week, the lowest it's been since 1896 I believe they said. I am not sure where global warming went. We could use some right about now.

As you can imagine I have been housebound (for the most part) for a week and a half. One warmer day I did get to the grocery store to replenish my supplies. And, yesterday, the van at our apartment building took 8 of us out for lunch at Amici's. But, it started snowing just as we left and was sticking to everything by the time we got back. Regardless, we all considered it an adventure and got back safely.

I have been watching the ducks on the pond. That's about all I've seen lately. Oh, I thought the geese were gone. Hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks but one afternoon I saw the couple waddling around by lake's edge, looking for something to eat.

So, today I will share some recent pictures of my ducks...

Two of them walking on the ice on the pond.

Nestled down on the ice. It surely must be a cold seat!

Finally enough thaw so that a small amount of water could be found. The ice is still glistening all around these ducks.
I am linking to Anni's Bird D'Pot


  1. Indeed records were broken last week here in NC and then we had unexpected SNOW on Tuesday am. Now calling for more snow tonight...I say come on Spring! Likely your ducks are too! Keep toasty!

  2. These are some beautiful photos - so much beauty to be found in winter. I love the picture of them nestled down on the ice :)

  3. Oh, that looks so COLD! :-) Poor ducks! I almost forgot to link in to Anni this week (I always link to WBW late Tues and then link the same post on Sat to Bird d'Pot, but I have been so sick this week, I almost forgot! So I am late. Keep staying warm...looked like you might be getting more snow today & tomorrow!

  4. I love the pretty sparkling ice, cute ducks! I hope the weather warms up soon, I can not wait till spring! Have a happy day!

  5. Arkansas has been invaded with snow geese, they come by the thousands to the rice fields.
    So pretty!

  6. those poor things, but i guess they like it!

  7. Dagnabbit...that DOES look so very cold!!! Icy, slick. But the ducks don't seem to mind.
    Love the photos!!!
    And, thanks for sharing the link this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Much appreciated.

    As for having an adventure with friends and's great to have arrived back home safely and still had a fun outting.

  8. tis a wonder they're feet don't freeze to the ice.


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