Monday, February 23, 2015

Smoke Alarms and Fire Trucks

Have you ever worried about the house catching on fire? I have, especially when I was living in that house that was nearly 100 years old. You just never can tell, can you? Even with a new one.

So, I have felt safe here in my apartment. Not expecting any break-ins and that sort of thing. The door is metal based, the windows three floors up from the ground. Yep, I was feeling very safe.

Then, yesterday my smoke alarm went off. I was napping!! Scared me. But, there was no sign of smoke anywhere in my apartment. Must be a mal-function.

Then, I hear a fire truck coming down our road. (the fire station is just a mile from the apartment complex)

Dang... I'll just yell over the railing to the firemen that it was a false alarm. (the alarm had stopped by now) So, I open my door and see other residents milling about the passageways. What the dickens!!

It seems that there was indeed a mal-function in the sprinkler system. All this water from the melting snow, I guess...

And, that when there is any cause (real or imagined) every single fire alarm goes off in every single apartment...and the firemen come running. Well, if that ever happens again, we will surely be forewarned to GET OUT. That makes me feel SAFE!! Hallelujah!

And, thank God for first responders, needed or not.


  1. Now, that's another plus for living there! Good thing the fire department is so close, when and IF you need them! Enjoy your comfy and safe home!

  2. Sounds like everyone is well-prepared! I am grateful for our local volunteer fire-department--they're always ready to help at a moment's notice.

  3. So glad all turned out to be a false alarm. Usually I feel pretty safe, but during this cold snap, there have been many loud and unusual noises occurring at night that have alarmed me.....think its been wood floors and paneling shrinking. Always happens in new houses I guess.

  4. I would take comfort is that security too! You just never know what will happen with wiring etc. And to feel a must have.

  5. well I'm sorry they interupted your nap but glad they came so quickly.

  6. It's good to know they will respond no matter what is going on! I bet you do feel safe there!


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