Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Where did Friday go?
I got so busy I didn't remember that it was Friday and so I missed some of my favorite memes.

So, I am hoping that it isn't too late to link up with these: Hope you will go by and check them out.

Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday  Random Five Friday  and Five On Friday

1. What did I do yesterday to make me forget it was Friday? I got an impromptu invitation to have lunch with my daughter and a friend. Naturally, I said yes and we sat chatting long after we finished eating. Such good company. 

2. I want to know where Spring went. Wednesday I was out driving in the countryside, enjoying the warm weather and tonight we have a freeze warning. My gosh. 

3. The apartment boss says my freezer unit is working fine. True, Everything in there is frozen.... but just let me put a carton of ice cream in there and it turns to mush. Guess something is trying to tell me I don't need ice cream!!

4. Palm Sunday is this Sunday. Easter sure is getting here early this year, isn't it? 

5. Is anyone watching 'Last Man on Earth' on tv? Yes, I know it's dorky, stupid, funny and ridiculous but I still enjoy it. We all need a little stupid in our lives now and again. 

I leave you with this....
a beautiful sunrise at my apartment. Yes, I do get up early sometimes!


  1. Good morning, sounds like you had a great lunch visit with your daughter.. Easter does seem early, maybe because it is still snowing here this morning... I love your pretty sunrise, lovely capture. Happy weekend!

  2. I'm up early, but I catch more sunsets than sunrises. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Gorgeous sunrise! Guess that's one way to give up ice cream except I'd be drinking the slush! :) Lovely 5. Happy Weekend!

  4. Great Friday Five...I wondered if you were going to join in! Sounds like typical spring there...cold and then warm and then cold again, but a freeze? We are in the 80s consistently now and I actually finally turned the AC on...couldn't take it anymore! Your lunch out sounds so nice, and I love the sunrise photo! Yes, we have been watching Last Man on Earth...SOOO funny! Really enjoying it.

  5. BTW--you still only show the two blogs on your "Contributor to" list on Google Plus...did you save the ones you added? You might want to go back & check. Love you!

  6. Don't you love it when you get up early enough to catch a pretty sunrise? I don't see many:) Slept til 9 today!
    Never past up those impromptu invitations to lunch, especially those with such good company! Have a great weekend and a blessed Palm Sunday.

  7. 26 degrees here this morning. Spring left! Warmer for us this week, so I hope it warms up for you too.

  8. Mother Nature has indeed been fussing, we just had a hard freeze here at the shore!!

    I know nothing about #5, but if you are enjoying it, then good for you!! Life should be all about enjoying things!! Your image is so warm and beautiful, I'm glad you shared it!!


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