Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Where did Friday go?
I got so busy I didn't remember that it was Friday and so I missed some of my favorite memes.

So, I am hoping that it isn't too late to link up with these: Hope you will go by and check them out.

Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday  Random Five Friday  and Five On Friday

1. What did I do yesterday to make me forget it was Friday? I got an impromptu invitation to have lunch with my daughter and a friend. Naturally, I said yes and we sat chatting long after we finished eating. Such good company. 

2. I want to know where Spring went. Wednesday I was out driving in the countryside, enjoying the warm weather and tonight we have a freeze warning. My gosh. 

3. The apartment boss says my freezer unit is working fine. True, Everything in there is frozen.... but just let me put a carton of ice cream in there and it turns to mush. Guess something is trying to tell me I don't need ice cream!!

4. Palm Sunday is this Sunday. Easter sure is getting here early this year, isn't it? 

5. Is anyone watching 'Last Man on Earth' on tv? Yes, I know it's dorky, stupid, funny and ridiculous but I still enjoy it. We all need a little stupid in our lives now and again. 

I leave you with this....
a beautiful sunrise at my apartment. Yes, I do get up early sometimes!


  1. Good morning, sounds like you had a great lunch visit with your daughter.. Easter does seem early, maybe because it is still snowing here this morning... I love your pretty sunrise, lovely capture. Happy weekend!

  2. I'm up early, but I catch more sunsets than sunrises. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Gorgeous sunrise! Guess that's one way to give up ice cream except I'd be drinking the slush! :) Lovely 5. Happy Weekend!

  4. Great Friday Five...I wondered if you were going to join in! Sounds like typical spring there...cold and then warm and then cold again, but a freeze? We are in the 80s consistently now and I actually finally turned the AC on...couldn't take it anymore! Your lunch out sounds so nice, and I love the sunrise photo! Yes, we have been watching Last Man on Earth...SOOO funny! Really enjoying it.

  5. BTW--you still only show the two blogs on your "Contributor to" list on Google Plus...did you save the ones you added? You might want to go back & check. Love you!

  6. Don't you love it when you get up early enough to catch a pretty sunrise? I don't see many:) Slept til 9 today!
    Never past up those impromptu invitations to lunch, especially those with such good company! Have a great weekend and a blessed Palm Sunday.

  7. 26 degrees here this morning. Spring left! Warmer for us this week, so I hope it warms up for you too.

  8. Mother Nature has indeed been fussing, we just had a hard freeze here at the shore!!

    I know nothing about #5, but if you are enjoying it, then good for you!! Life should be all about enjoying things!! Your image is so warm and beautiful, I'm glad you shared it!!

  9. That's a lovely shot.


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