Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Events

Tomorrow is Easter. Such a blessed day when our Savior rose from the grave. Such a blessed time when he gave his life for us. So often we forget those things amidst all the Easter egg hunts, and chocolate bunnies and new outfits to wear. So, let's all remember what the holiday is all about.

Now, I will tell you about yesterday.  I tell you, I was so happy and tired I slept like a log last night.

There are no pictures of the Taco lunch. But, take my word for it... yummy. There were a large number of us residents who met in the community room and had tacos (apple cake for dessert), thanks to Angela and Ali who oversee the Commons.

At 2 some of us gathered to hunt Easter eggs out back. I was mostly just wandering around with my camera but spied one egg lying on top of a power box that several people had just walked by. So, I picked it up. Only one I saw. I really wasn't hunting. And, lo and behold, it was one of four prize eggs so I got a gift card to Walmart.

It was our movie night. We saw 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'. Part one, not the movie currently playing in theatres. Afterward there was a drawing for some small door prizes and I got one of those little flowers in a pot that is sun activated. Have you seen those? Well, I now have one! It's not a flower but a cute little ladybug. 

I don't have much storage space for things I seldom use. So, when I moved in to this apartment I let an awful lot of my stuff go... A little hard to truly decorate for the holidays but I don't need much. 

I kept my sweet little mama bunny and her baby bunny. It is on my dining room table. By the way, those two pills DO NOT belong to the bunnies. And, they are not part of the decoration!! I just forgot they were there when I snapped the picture. 

 The porcelain doll that I made a long time ago is holding a sweet little rabbit.

I love my flower pot with the white bunnies dancing around it.
My vine in doing well in it, sitting on my kitchen bar.

Another bunny.... oh my.... I must love bunnies!!

And, for my front door... well, I did go to Big Lots and found a door decoration that was pretty flat so it could be stored easily. And, it will do for the entire spring. It will be perfect for a May Day basket. 

What have you done in the way of preparing for Easter, both fun-wise and spiritually? It's such a time for renewal in every way. 

                                                                                            I wish you all a very Happy Easter.



  1. Happy Easter to you and your family! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post! Your day yesterday sounded like so much fun, and you found the most important egg! :-) I love all your Easter decorations (remember most of them!) I didn't decorate at all, but will put my spring wreath on the door today because the kids will be here for brunch tomorrow after church. I hope the boys will want to participate in the Easter egg hunt after church also but we will see. :-) I am making a quiche for Yvonne & me and a sausage/egg/biscuit/gravy casserole for the guys for tomorrow, plus will have yogurt and fruit for who wants it. Gonna get my two dishes prepared today so I can just pop them in the oven tomorrow. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Mom! Love you!

  3. Your day sounds like fun! Your decorations put me to shame, because I have not decorated at all. I do have a huge Easter Lily which was given to me by one of Jeep's church congregations. It has 16 blooms! I DID prepare for Easter by giving up Face Book for Lent so I could have the extra time to focus on Bible reading, meditation and prayer. I subscribed to a couple of Lenten devotionals which were sent to my eMail for those 40 days. It has been a blessed and peaceful time.

  4. Isn't it nice when surprises come in unexpected ways, Latane? Nice to read that you had 2 recent ones with the gift card and ladybug flower. We re-watched the First Exotic Marigold Hotel before going to see the new one, which to us was not as good as the 1st. I know what you mean about downsizing and getting rid of a lot of decos as we have done, and continue to do the same. We did not out up Easter things, aside from some fresh flowers for the table.

  5. Hi Latane. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day filled with discoveries and surprises. I have a few decorations I kept in our move, but this year I didn't put out anything. We didn't do anything special, not even church. I came down with my 1st bout with the gout, and couldn't walk or stand, but luckily my doc prescribed some Vicodin which made the pain tolerable, thank the Lord. My hubby did go out at lunchtime and picked up a ham slice and prepared mashed potatoes (Bob Evans) from Food Lion and prepared our Easter meal while I sat on the sofa with an ice pack on my foot. Bless his heart. We ate in front of the TV watching Alice, an old Woody Allen movie, we found on HuluPlus. Then discovered a fun little series called The Naked Archeologist and watched a few episodes. In this program, the host interviews biblical scholars and archeologist who excavate in and around Jerusalem. We found it a quite interesting way to pass the evening. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter, a little belated. -- Karen

  6. Happy Easter Monday Latane!
    You had a fabulous Easter and just look at the weather! I have been scrolling back and forth enjoying your decorations.
    My oh my you have some very precious bunnies-and such a beautiful treasured porcelain doll.


  7. I love all those cute bunnies!


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