Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

We didn't think it would ever get here

                                                                  BUT IT DID!!

                                                 Yes, Spring is definately in the air.

How do I know, you might ask? Aw, come on. Surely, you have all that yellow stuff all over your car, too. Springtime is pollen time. I'd love to get out and enjoy all the beautiful flowers, the fresh air, the freedom from being cooped up all Winter. But, alas, it's not for me. I am still pretty much confined to the indoors.

Every time I venture out. Ah... choo.... and the eyes start to water, the nose starts to run. I'm like a dang faucet!! But, one can not stay inside all the time.

I did sneak out to capture some pretty blossoms. The residents at the apartment complex are beginning to garden. One little plot had daffodils in full bloom. They were so pretty and cheerful.

I saw a tiny gathering of blossoms on the trunk of a tree...
They bloom where they wish.

I loved these delicate flowers which were busy decorating the ground with their petals.

Beautiful flowers were everywhere.
Pardon me... I gotta run back inside now. Hope you enjoyed the flowers blooming in my little world these days.


  1. Lovely images! Beautiful flowers and blossoms. Have a happy week ahead!

  2. You are a week or so ahead of us here. Forsythia is just opening up.

  3. So beautiful! I know you are so glad it is spring!

  4. Don't we all just LOVE Spring???? AND --yes, it is HERE ---but there was a time when I wondered if we would EVER have any spring this year... ha ha....

    Your flowers are gorgeous... We don't have too much blooming up here now (Daffodils, Tulips, Pansies, Phlox, Forsythia) ---and none of our trees have leafed or bloomed yet... And our Crocus and Hyacinths are gone now.... Spring seems to be flying by!!!!

    Glad I don't have allergies.... Take care of yourself.


  5. So happy that Spring is here, even though I'm sneezy, too. Our furnace lives in the garage, and we've learned to keep the garage door shut as much as possible to lessen the amount of pollen entering the garage's air. Learning to deal with my new environment :) In the meantime, keeping my Allegra on hand....sure does help. The yard is filled with daffodils in full bloom along with the many Campanella which the former owners planted. Forsythia is struggling after getting severely pruned last year, and the two magnolia trees along the fence line have sprung to life. The Clethora is going to be in full bloom by the weekend. but the real show-stopper is the Camilia that is just loaded with big red flowers back by the backyard shed. Quite nice. Love looking at your pretty flowers, too. Enjoy the lovely weather, Lovely Lady.

  6. Latane, you are such a tease! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  7. gorgeous latane, such beautiful blooms and colors!!!

  8. Your spring flowers are so lovely. I'm so glad spring has finally sprung! Have a nice day!

  9. Gorgeous flowers, Mom! Wow...beautiful! When I was sick before, it was allergies turned bad, and had taken me by surprise, but that's how much further ahead we are in seasons than you. Keep taking your allegra, or claritin, or whatever! Iwant you to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine, and take some great photos!

  10. Oh Happy Day!! When Spring arrived it came with glorious color and sunny skies! Life is indeed good.

  11. I'm right there with you with the box of tissues at the ready, quick to admire the flowers but all that stuff about stopping in life to smell the roses.... no way they clearly never had allergies!!! :) Still it's good to see you are still cheery with it, as we say you have to laugh!
    Lovely to have found your blog and thank you for your visit and sweet comment at mine.
    Wren x


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