Monday, July 13, 2015

Is it Monday?

Monday morning....

The start of a new week....

What will I do with those days, hours, minutes....

Right now I have a sinkful of dishes waiting for transport to the dishwasher.

And, a load of clothes that need to be dried. 

I need to call to stop my house insurance since my house sold. No sense in paying for it when someone else is living there.

But, here I sit with all my friends...

Just typing away, as the saying goes, 'like I got good sense'. (grin) 

I'd much rather be visiting with you.

I did buy those pastels last week. 

but, I've not started a picture yet. I'll let you know if the urge strikes me. 

Just hope you are having a great week. 
Be productive. Gee, I wonder if that was meant for me!! Productive? Hmmmm.  



  1. Good morning, I am sure the pastels will be put to good use soon! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. That sounds like me---much to do---but the fun stuff first.
    Oooo pastels

  3. Prioritizng is important! Cancel that policy! =D

    Have fun whatever you do.

  4. I took some classes in pastels some years ago-- been thinking about getting my easel out.
    I am tired of quilting. Have two I just can't get going on.

  5. You sound like me, all ready for the week and then I open up my computer and I am a goner-get all caught up with my friends! It's a wonderful blessing isn't it! Congrats on the sale of your beautiful home, I know you are glad that this project is over.
    Warm Hugs,

  6. i love mondays, everyone goes back to work and i am free to roam about without so much traffic. i love all the yellow in your header, great images for summer!!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Nanaland. That Mildred is so sweet to feature my blog on Cat Tales. I always enjoy making new friends. I will follow your blog and bookmark it so I can keep up with you!! Sounds like you like many of the same things that I love!!

  8. The pastels are lovely - can't wait for you to start something! I think you and Arlene will be great blog friends. She's s Southern girl too!!!! xoxo

  9. I've been on here too much the last couple of days, myself. Have a good week!

  10. What a treat to have new pastels!

  11. It always seems that Monday pops up in to time! Cant wait to see your picture!

  12. It is such a temptation to sit and talk with blog friends, like a chat over the back fence while hanging out clothes used to be for my mother. I can't help but be very grateful for this outlet, even with its temptations.

  13. A nice Monday Morning post...looking toward the new day, the new week. Not wanting to get up from the computer where so many special people reside. :-) I missed this post, so am catching up.

  14. I love the feel of pastels. I bought a set after using one in an online workshop. Hooked!

  15. Hi! I'm just wondering how come you're still paying for the insurance of your previous house, even though there are already people living there. Is the payment automatically deducts to your card? Well, it only makes sense for you to cancel on that insurance, given that you should no longer be liable for whatever happen to that house. I hope you were able to accomplish it and that you had a productive day after. I'll be glad to hear more from you! :)

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta


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