Thursday, September 24, 2015

Autumn Is In The Air

Friday means it's time to link with Willy Nilly Friday and Five On Friday

1. Yesterday was the beginning of autumn. Can you believe it!! I had not begun to think about it, not at all. However, daughter Shirley called this morning and invited me for an outing and we made the most of it.

2. I love Grayson and Emma's on Hwy 58 near Courtland, Va. Used to come here for all sorts of veggies. That was when I lived a tad closer. But, there's nothing better than a drive in the country, especially if daughter is doing the driving. I just sat back and took it all in.

3. Just look at all the beautiful sights we encountered at G & E's. Lovely. And, it surely put me in the Fallish state of mind.

4. Outside you are greeted by scenes like this....

and this....

5. Once inside the door the sights and sounds delight your senses. I focused mainly on the fall items but there were lots of vegetables, canned good, fruit jacks and much more to choose from. 

Did you ever see a pink pumkin all dressed out in beige lace? 

                                                   or Green Pumpkins

Back outside we explored the surrounding area....

By now it was time to head home. I came away with arms loaded down and lots of decorating ideas floating around in my head. How's your Fall decorating going?


  1. Looks like an ideal day to me and I love all of the fall touches. After our long, hot, humid summer... I say bring it on!!
    I must also tell you how much I love your outfit, Latane. You look great and are always such an inspiration.
    The fall decorating is happening slowly, but surely, here.

  2. Love all the beautiful fall bounty there, Latane! So many unusual gourds and pumpkins. What a pretty picture of you - love your top! I dragged out all my fall decorations today and got a good start, but need to get to the pumpkin patch before all the good stuff disappears. Have fun decorating! x Karen

  3. Happy Autumn, Latane! What a fun day, I love all the pumpkins and gourds. Lovely shot of you! Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  4. Hurray for Fall . . hmm, time for butternut squash soup . . . . yummy!

  5. oh how fun! this post gets me in the fall mood and i love the photo of you! i was hoping to go to the farm down the road this weekend...they have a corn maze, hay ride, farm animals, etc and with your admission you get to take home a pumpkin but it's supposed to be rainy all weekend, poop! have a great weekend latane and thank you for linking!!

  6. What a fabulous day you had. I love all your fall photos. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  7. #1 Believe it!
    #2 Sounds like "Driving Miss Daisy."
    #3 A colorful delight.
    #4 Neat.
    #5 My fall decorating going? No where at the present.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. I enjoyed this...I love fall pics.

  9. What a beautiful Autumnal post, I loved all the pumpkins. I have put a little bit of Autumn décor out but could do with a little more. Have a great weekend.

  10. Such a beautiful day! That pink pumpkin dressed in lace is the most unique thing! Nope, never saw one before until right here.

  11. What a lovely outing and a beautiful autumn themed post. I have a small garland of coloured leaves on my front door and a display of tiny pumpkins on the sideboard in our dining room.

    I was out and about yesterday in the town and over the last couple of days trees turned into beautiful displays of golds and brilliant yellows, reds, bronzes. A real treat for the eyes. I had to sigh with pleasure and contentment.

    My first time visit here and a lovely one it was!

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  12. What a great place, I love autumn decor.

  13. What a lovely outing you had. I enjoy places like this very much. - In fact today I also shared a photo from just such a place. That pink pumpkin sure was different.

  14. Five lovely moments! What fabulous pumpkins, especially that really warty one, they are my favourites! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  15. Hi - I popped over from Amy's blog. What great pumpkins. I love pumpkin spice lattes and I am going to have one tomorrow when I go to my nearest city. Joan at

  16. Oh how I love fall! I really enjoyed this wonderful post and your photos, Latane. You look so pretty...I love your top!

  17. Very nice pictures of Fall! I'm always amazed by the many different kinds of pumpkins and gourds! I've never seen a pink pumpkin with lace :) Happy Fall!

  18. Your outing sounds delightful. I wish my daughters were nearby so we could just take off together on such an outing. You're such a lucky girl :) Hugs.

  19. What a fun fall post Latane! Thanks for letting us tag along!!!

  20. Love this place! What wonderful fall fun, Mom! And I love the picture of you!

    The mouse works! Thanks! :-)


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