Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Growing Old Gracefully

                                          The sun is not up! So, what am I doing up?

I just do so much better in the mornings and I don't want to waste a minute of my good time.

Speaking of 'good times', how many times have you seen 'older' folks just sit down and cease to have interest in much besides the television? I don't think they are having any fun. Do you?

I like to have fun. And, I am willing to find it where I can and I think I will be finding it the day I draw my last breath! Just think of how much living people DON'T DO. It blows my mind.

I like this quote a lot. I think it speaks volumes.

Take for instance the time I decided I wanted to ride in a Monster Truck. It was fun and I would do it again.

or the time I rode the whirling bumper cars with the grandchildren. I didn't much like the 'whirling' part but by golly, I did it. 

I like the regular bumper cars better! 

I've had a lot of 'firsts', too.
I rode in this steam engine train. I love trains!

I flew my first kite EVER. 

I played air hockey and loved it. 

I played corn hole with the great grands. 

and I am not past acting silly. 

All of this happened as I approached my 80th birthday (and after). 

I have a challenge for all of you 'older' people out there. 

Take a piece of paper. Stick it on the frig or someplace you'll see it.

And, every time you do something you've never done before WRITE IT DOWN

and put your age next to it. 

I'd love to see what you come up with in, say, a year

Have Fun

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  1. You are such a love....fantastic inspiration....I think we all can agree how young at heart you are Latane! Bravo!!!

  2. You are amazing! I know that I say "no" far too often. I like your refrigerator list idea...The only new thing lately was eating the lobster who just so happened to be grinning at me. LOL!

  3. I make a bucket list for every season, every season!! It has fun, seasonal things I want to be sure and do before the next season rolls in. The only thing here I have not experienced is a ride in a monster truck, that does interest me!! I had trouble in the bumper cars, whiplash I think. No more bumper cars for me!!

  4. Oooooooh and nice pictures of you!!,

  5. I like that idea, Latane!. My aunt lived to be 100, and she enjoyed the last 20 years with great gusto in spite of her osteo-arthritis. Golly, she went to more parties than I did in my 20s LOL !!! The key is to stay engaged.

  6. Good morning, great quote and so true! I love all the fun photos. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  7. You GO, Girly Girl!! I have done every single one of those things (the truck one just before I met Chris thirty years ago, and there was a LOT OF MUD involved).

    We GOG so much more easily if we keep our Sense of Silly going strong.

    says rachel, whose frequent appearance around and about the neighborhood, in and out of shops with one-to-five GRANDS in tow, all of us in silly hats and or costumes, is just expected by the neighbors. I went through an entire birthday party last month, in an enormous hot-pink Shirley Temple hairbow, chosen by the Birthday Girl.

    Chris and I shamelessly people-watch, whispering to each other little plots and secret lives of the folks we see, and have been known to converse sotto voce of great, fanciful plans or tales of adventures or trips or things which took place only in our silly brains If anyone leans close enough to overhear, Oh. Well. Maybe they need a little silly, too.

    And there' seldom an event sacred from having a good, whimsical story attached, as you go along, or as a wonderful night-night telling as the little ones fall asleep

  8. What a great idea!! I love the things you did!

  9. Oh, Latane- you are such sweet inspiration, my Dear! I love the idea of posting all the new things that I've tried on the fridge with my age! I am turning 60 next month and have been having a bit of anxiety over the aging process, but this post has certainly cheered me up! You go girl! Hugs xo Karen

  10. What a perfect quote, I'd say you're living very wide and wonderful! Great memories here too.

  11. Wonderful post, Latane! Love the quote and I quite agree. There a few things I can't do such as the stuff that messes with my dizzy head, but I will do what I can! I'll be 70 my next birthday...how did that happen when I feel 30 most of the time? Well, maybe not my back and my knees. lol! Anyway, I may be getting old, but I refuse to act like it. Happy Fall to you!

  12. If only more people had your great attitude and outlook! You are definitely younger than your years in your heart! xx

  13. Wonderful! You still know how to have fun. Whirly doesn't work for me!

  14. Good for you.....having so many new experiences over the years. I couldn't even walk thru the amusement park the whole way. oh well...I've read a lot of good books and enjoyed our church family oh more th an I could say. We are off to a library sale! Fall is a wonderful time of year........so many community events. Better get ready to go! Hope your day is full of fun.

  15. I LOVE this post, Mom! So many great adventures! I hope everyone will take your challenge!


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