Friday, September 18, 2015

Five Things on Friday

Ta Da....

It's Friday and time for Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday 

What a week it's been. I have so much to share with you and I know keeping it down to five things will be tough but I'll try.

1. I've had a digital camera of one sort or another for about 7 years now. Love 'em. But, this latest camera I really, really love. I've had it just a few months. I always just set on auto, then point and shoot. But, day before yesterday I to 'poking around', seeing what I could find about it's functions. There was this wheel thingy on top and I always wondered what it did. Well let me show you!

Here is the picture I took after I twisted the 'wheel' to the left.

and the farther I twisted... the lighter the picture got. Well, blow me down!!

2. I've been missing the wild life that I normally see around the pond as I sit on my balcony. The deer is gone, the osprey flew off, even the hummingbirds have gone south. Then one afternoon late I saw this strange (well, strange to me anyway) bird landing on the water. Some blogging friends told me it was a juvenile cormorant. Wow....

3. And, speaking of sitting on the balcony watching the world go by....
I happened to look up to see some sort of movement on the pond bank some 150-175 yards away. Couldn't tell what it was so I grabbed my camera. I use it for binoculars, too. hehe. Zoomed in....
it was a fox. Just sitting there 'watching the world go by'.

It sat there awhile and then loped off into the trees.
                                                                                                         Now, that was exciting.

3. There is nothing anymore fun than ice cream. Right? But, even more fun is having some with your daughter.

4. A new discovery (as if life isn't filled with them everyday!!)  I found this little nest in my fern. Daughter told me it was a Potter's Wasp nest. My first! 

5. I had such fun (isn't it fun enjoying just the simple things in life?) one day at my daughters. My great-grandson (he's 4) found a praying mantis. We all marveled at how comfortable he is with little critters. And, how comfortable the critter was with us! 

I could go on and on but the rules say 5 things. So, I guess I'll save some for next time.



  1. oh wow, a fox!! that was exciting and i use my camera for binoculars too lol...yum ice cream and with someone special! thank you for linking latane and have a super weekend :)

  2. Always a great event, ice-cream with your daughter. Loved the photo of the fox. Have a great weekend.

  3. #1 Poking around is good.
    #2 A first for me.
    #3 I agree.
    #4 Nature can be magical.
    #5 Amazing how something so strange looking can be so beneficial,
    Why follow the rules, that so boring!
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. What a fun post Latane! You took some amazing photos! Bravo!! Have a lovely weekend dearest!

  5. What a different picture your camera could take, very clever. We often see foxes here where we live as we are only a short walk from a 98 acre meadow, and they wander across the road now and then, especially at night. How lovely to stop and stare and let the world go by, magical moments.

  6. Lovely post, I haven't touched the wheel thing on my camera yet! x

  7. Wonderful randoms.
    #1 I have that same little wheel, guess I'll experiment.
    #2 - We don't have those birds here but aren't they neat.
    #3 - What a cute little fox
    #4 - Yum!
    #5 & 6 Interesting nest and a cool mantis. We saw one the other day too.

  8. What a wildlife week. The funny things with these digital camera is that it is so easy just to always have it on auto, but I agree playing around is fun. I'm off to see if mine has a make it lighter button

  9. That wasp nest is amazing isn't it!! I think it is great that you are experimenting with your camera, that is the great thing about digital photography, all it takes is some time and playing around and you can get some really great results cant you! Thank you for joining Five on Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend!!! Sorry to be late visiting, we have been away and just got back today. xx

  10. So relaxing to be able to enjoy all that wildlife from your balcony and take some great photos with your latest camera. Have fun :-)

  11. Cameras can be so fun. Great to experiment with them!

  12. I love that you saw that fox...wish I had seen it. We just don't see that many of them. I learned something new with the potter's wasp...thanks for sharing that. You are so right about ice cream!

  13. # 1 Tell me more about your camera. No telling what else you will find if you poke around enough!
    # 2 Interesting bird. We see these at the Wildlife Refuge.
    Good pictures of the Fox. I love seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.
    # 3 Ice cream is my favorite dessert and I never get tired of it.
    # 4 I have found those little clay pots a couple of times,but wasn't sure what lived in them.
    # 5 There has been a big praying mantis living on the zinnias a few inches below one of the hummingbird feeders. I couldn't decide if he was praying for a drop of nectar, or if he wanted to attack one of the hummingbirds!

  14. Exploring is always fun! Noticing the world doesn't take much effort, but makes everything more interesting. Wonder if your great will keep on enjoying the friendly little critters. Hope so. You and your daughter look very content and happy eating those cones.

  15. Love love love this post! The potters wasp nest is a new one for me, too! Great fox photos! Did you also link to Saturday's Critters with this, for the fox as well as that preying mantis? So interesting about the setting on your camera. You can download a manual for it'll find all sorts of things! :-)

  16. Is that a grey fox? It is so fun to spot them.

  17. Those little "pots" are cute! A friend at writers group identified them in a photo I'd taken in the last year or so. I wasn't even aware of such a thing. Nature always has a surprise up its sleeve. We agree on ice cream!


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