Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Last night was a fun night for me.

I invited three girlfriends to my apartment for some dessert and chatting. It was midnight when we gave ourselves a big group hug and promised to get together again really soon.

When I moved into this apartment complex a year and a half ago I knew no one. As often does, there are people you gravitate toward and these three have become my friends. Sure, I am friendly with many others here at the Commons but these are my buddies.

How often do we take the time to just sit and relax, talking about everything and nothing! Just enjoying the time spent together. I wish I had a picture to share with you but I don't so I will leave you with this graphic that I have seen EVERYWHERE.....

Now, I would love to say we looked like those young, beautiful friends 

But, in reality we probably looked like this!! 



  1. Wonderful post ... the more wrinkles the better! Girl friends can't be beat -- at any age!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend an evening!!! To BE a friend is to HAVE a friend and you obviously are and do!!!
    I am about to get ready and leave to pick up my friend, Ruth Ann. We spend time together every Tuesday. She is the sister of Louis Dean's beloved first wife who passed away in 2000.
    LOVED your graphics!! You are so clever!!!

  3. Good for you, this sounds like a great night!! I have enjoyed "growing up" and the friends I have made along the way. Life is easier now and I enjoy every single second!! It's wonderful that you have made good friends in your new apartment complex!!

  4. Oh that's such a great description of the girls - so glad you got together and had fun. That's what really counts at this age Latane!
    Way to go!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful evening, Latane! I got a good laugh over the cute images, too. You are always young when you are young at heart! Hugs xo Karen

  6. Glad you had a wonderful visit with your new friends, Mom! Sounds like something you will have to do again!


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