Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Fives

It's Friday again....

Where did this past week go?
But, you know what they say about getting older.... time flies faster when you're having fun.

Today I am participating in two memes Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday.

1. My friend, Les, and I went to see "A Walk In The Woods" this past Tuesday. I don't know if it's a true story or not but it could have been. Two old 'goats' hiking the Appalachian Trail!! It hurt my bones just watching them. I have never been much of a hiker... so I guess that's one thing I won't have to worry about putting on my 'bucket list'.

2. Speaking of 'bucket list', I am afraid of heights and won't go up in tall buildings. But, I got really brave on my recent trip to New York and said I'd go to the top of the Empire State Building with my daughters. Boy, was I glad that we never got around to doing that!! Whew... well, mark that off my bucket list. 

3. Do you get weird feelings at certain scenes on television or the movies? I am not talking about the bedroom/sex scenes they are getting closer and closer to showing the whole thing. They are enough to turn your stomach! No, I am talking about scary stuff (well, maybe the bedroom scene might be scary (grin), But, I was watching a preview before the movie the other day and it was about some guy who was going to string a rope between the World Trade Centers and walk it. I could not watch and I thought my legs were going to just break off and roll down the aisle they hurt so badly. I had my eyes covered but just listening was really tough on me.

4. And, speaking of the World Trade Centers!! It's Sept. 11th... we will never forget that date. Our country attacked by terrorists. It was horrific then, all those precious lives lost. And, I am scared that we are not free from the terrorists but getting closer to more brutal attacks. 

5. For my last entry, I just want to say thank you to all my blogging friends for being such loyal supporters of this old blogging lady. I love your friendship and appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. Happy Friday. I saw A Walk in the Woods too last Friday night. It's based loosely on the book by Bill Bryson and he did walk the AT with his friend Katz but they didn't do the whole thing. He was a lot younger and in better shape that the actors playing the parts. Scenery was beautiful but movie was not believable and sadly didn't stick to the book. Robert Redford was very wooden as Bill Bryson. Nicke Nolte as Katz was a much better actor.

    I saw that same preview of the tightrope walker. It was very hard to watch. For our showing there were 20 minutes of previews. Too many! Makes me think twice about movie going when faced with the onslaught of movie previews I have no desire to see.

  2. I don't think anyone will ever forget the horrendous happenings of Sep 11th my heart goes out to all of those families and friends who lost loved ones. We can only hope and pray for a better future and the end of war and terrorism.

  3. Sending you LOVE - Thank you for your super BRAVE post -
    sharing scary concerns -
    heck, I won't watch scary stuff . . .

  4. I agree with you about tv watching. I don't like to watch things that make me tense or nervous....Today is a somber day for remembrance. It's also one of those days where we will always remember what we were doing at this tragic time. I hope you have a joyous weekend.

  5. #1 I went on several short hikes over Labor day and slept like a baby.
    #2 God intended for my feet to be planted firmly on the ground.
    #3 There's enough weird stuff without watching TV.
    #4 You can't let fear control your life.
    #5 You're welcome and thank you!
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Great list, Mom! Hey, you have BEEN on top of the Empire State building Mom! That picture of you with Aunt Lois & Dennis & the kids...wasn't that the Empire State building?

    And thank you for posting about 9/11...I was ashamed that I did not! We all need to remember this tragic, tragic anniversary every year, and you are right that there is more to come. We live in difficult times. Thinking of the families of those lost that day, and our service men too.

    1. Nope, it was Rockefeller Center and I was taken up there against my will!!

  7. We want to go see A Walk in the Woods - I'm a big Robert Redford fan.
    Hiking would be hard for me though anymore.
    I have a fear of heights too but I think inside a building with a good railing like the Empire State building I might be able to handle it.
    Yep I've had some of those weird feelings before.
    The world is a scary place but we have to trust God that He is still in control.
    You are most welcome - it's always a pleasure to stop by.

  8. A walk in the woods is based on a book by Bill Bryson who did walk the Appalachian Trail with a friend. The book is great, but I don't know how much it resembles the film because I haven't seen the film! Glad you enjoyed it though. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  9. Such an important anniversary to remember, I still think it's shocking after all this time. It certainly was a world changing moment in time. The film sounds scary, but then I'm scared of my own shadow. Have a great week xx

  10. It is a sad anniversay for sure, and I"m with you Latane. An influx of 10,000 refugees in the can our government screen that many for possible terrorists? It will require great wisdom along with compassion. And I never watch scary stuff if I can help it. I'd rather watch 'list it or leave it' again....and again...when I want to. lol. Now that I am older....closing the gap toward 70....I get tired soooo fast. Some folks seem to have get-up and go right along but not me. Hope you have a pleasant week-end! Maggie

  11. A day off reminiscing. Remembrance and a day to count blessings that's for sure.

  12. We must be having one heck of a time, because it sure does go fast. I'd like to see that movie soon, while it's still in the theater. I wish I'd known about the Appalachian Trail a few decades ago, but I wouldn't have been brave enough to hike it, then. Now I need a new body for that! I'll settle for hoofing it around state parks. ;)

  13. oh gosh, it does seem like time flies...did you enjoy the movie? i want to see it, it looks funny! thank you for linking!!


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