Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gone Dog

I had about forgotten what day it was.... WEDNESDAY and time for a favorite of mine Wit and Wisdom Wednesday . I hope you will join in, also.

My story......

He was gone. Just vanished out of thin air, it seemed. Michael called and called but his dog was just gone. 

It couldn't be. Smokey never wandered away from the house. True, the family had all piled into the car that morning and driven off but Smokey never followed. He would wander about the yard patiently waiting until they returned. So, where could he be?

The family searched high and low, calling out Smokey's name, whistling for him and waiting for his response. It grew dark and finally Michael crawled into his bed. He was about grown now but he couldn't stop the tears that flowed down his cheeks. He scruffed them away with his hand and tried to sleep. 

Days went by. Then weeks went by. The pain of not having Smokey around was still present. Would it ever go away? Probably not. Smokey just wasn't any dog. He'd come into this world while the family was living in California. As a small pup he'd made the move back east with them. The next couple of years were spent on a farm keeping eye on Michael's grandparents. His Dad said that the apartment on the Naval base didn't allow dogs. Smokey could wait. And, so he did until now the family lived on a farm themselves. He loved it there, dogging Michael's every step, going up and down the hills, exploring the bluff, playing in the creek. 

With the passage of time the initial pain softened a bit, life goes on. It was Sunday afternoon when the family drove into the driveway after church. Dad parked the car and suddenly they heard a bark. There was Smokey in the back of Dad's pickup truck. A neighbor said that they saw Smokey trying to make it back home so they loaded him into their car and brought him home.

No one ever knew who took Smokey nor where he had been, but that dog had lived through a hard time returning to the family that loved him. He lived to an old age, was peacefully put to sleep and laid to rest on the top of the bluff where he and Michael had played for so many years. His journey was finally over.


  1. Love it! Of course I have always loved the story of Smokey.,...what a great dog! Well written piece, Mom! You ought to link in to Saturday's Critters with this too.

  2. Lovely story, Latane. Brings back so many memories of our beloved pets through the years.

  3. This was a nice story, Latane. I wonder where Smokey was when he disappeared, but I'm glad he eventually found his way home again!


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