Thursday, January 5, 2017

Willy Nilly Friday

So, here I am... waiting for snow.... a little snow... not as much as if I was home. But, my visit with my son is such fun. I wouldn't trade it for a ton of snow.

I am hooking up with  Willy Nilly Friday

1. Isn't it odd? I mean how old friends can just pick up right where they left off. I hadn't seen a friend of mine since 1998 and found out she lives just a few miles from my son. So, we had lunch together and caught up.

2. My grandson gave me this fabulous artist box as a Christmas present. I brought it along on my visit to my sons. My son works during the daytime so I have lots of time to hone a bunch of rusty skills.

3. One day I thought I'd do some sketching. I've never done sketching before and neither of these turned out very well.

4. I got my son's little terrier a glow-in-the-dark collar so he can locate her when she goes outside at night. She's a good little dog. I am enjoying her.

5. Tomorrow (the 6th) is my birthday. Since I am not home I am getting some gifts in the mail here and some went to my apartment. This box arrived today.

It was marked 'perishable' so I had my son open it to see if it needed attention or could wait until tomorrow. I am curious as a cat.  Should I take just one little peek?

No, I WILL WAIT until my birthday rolls around. 


  1. Such a wonderful box full of colors, that's a great gift. And a glowing collar is the best for a little dog... It's hard to wait with opening, isn't it?
    Enjoy your day

  2. Your art box looks fantastic! I am anxiously awaiting to see what is inside the box.

  3. Have a great birthday Latane and a wonderful weekend.
    What an amazing Christmas gift the artist's box!!
    Your little terrier looks as though she loves her new collar!!

  4. Oh...what a concept...saving a gift for the day when it was intended! Hope that YOUR day has been a very happy one! Enjoy the snow...

  5. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday my friend! Hope you have a beautiful day full of surprises, good food, presents and happy songs and well wishes!

  6. Wonderful post, Mom! Hope you guys can get out an eat tonight. LOVE the picture with S.W.! You guys look very content, just picking up where you left off! She looks fantastic! So glad you got to catch up with her. Glad you got the art box for Christmas. That was a great gift for you! Your sketches were'll get better as you practice, too. Of course, I know what's in the perishable box. :-) You enjoy it!

  7. Happy Birthday! Oh my fur and whiskers - look at the cutie pup with glow in the dark outerwear!!! Your sketches look might good to me . . .

  8. what a great gift for you, you should never get board and i think your sketches turned out great! happy birthday!! i wonder what is in that box?? i want to get my dog ozzy a collar like that...he is black so when i let him out at night i can't see him and sometimes when i call him to come back in he is standing right on the deck watching me lol...he's not a very good listener when he doesn't want to come back inside! thanks for linking latane and i hope you had a wonderful birthday but i am pretty sure you did!


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