Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The View From My Window

When I moved into my apartment almost three years ago, what took my breath away was the view I had from three floors up. I don't think I will ever live on ground level again if I can help it. Perhaps you will see what I mean by my pictures today. I am joining with My Town Shootout when it is available on Friday

I see the fountain on the retaining pond.

Flowers on my balcony

A mother deer and her fawn

The moon peeking at me through the trees

geese on the pond and so much more. 

I love where I live. Wouldn't you agree that it's the perfect spot for me?


  1. You are certainly blessed with amazing views and some stunning sights.

  2. Yes! It is perfect and wonderful for you at this time of your life. There is beauty and peacefulness...nature, but with friends close by. I'm so happy you moved there. Can't wait to see it myself on a visit.

  3. ooooh i would agree!!! what a great spot with so many beautiful things to see!!!

  4. Looks perfect..What great things you have to peaceful.

  5. Yes, it's fantastic! Love the deer!


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