Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Old and the New

Whee Hee... what a week!! My son-in-law put about 1700 miles on his truck. Round trip to Alabama! Spent the week with my son. Nothing better. 

I got some barn pictures!! Another whee hee!! And a lot of other things, too. But, today it's Tom's Barn Collective and I get to join in. That's a 'good thing'. For me, anyway.

Here are a couple I saw in Tennessee. We covered some new territory so I saw barns I hadn't seen before. Of course, it's hard to take pictures from a moving vehicle but the driver had a destination and he was 'moving on'. 


  1. A week with your son in Alabama - what a great Mother's Day present!
    You got really good photos considering the speed you were going
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip!! What a wonderful Mother's Day present! I LOVE the 2nd barn. Nothing like a falling down structure to intrigue me! lol

  3. Those are GREAT pictures but only a piece of the experience of spending a week with your son. I work with my youngest son so I am really blessed!
    I LOVE old barns and Wisconsin (where I live) is full of them. I grew up in PA and we had lots of round barns there. xo Diana

  4. New to your blog: hi! I love barns!


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