Thursday, December 6, 2018

I Give Thanks

Thank you, every one of you, for the encouraging comments you left (at the news I was slowing down on Blogger). That meant the world to me. I find myself slowing down so much lately. I am watching too much television, I read more. I don't go out as much. Oh, let me tell you about that!!

Last Friday I headed to Walmart. I hate going to Walmart! I had two gifts to buy for the under-priviledged children our Women's Circle was buying for this Christmas. So, I leave the house. It's misting rain so I nearly go back inside. I would have to park a good distance from the door at Walmart and didn't want to get my hair wet!

But, I leave. I approach the intersection but decide to turn left and just try to find those gifts at Walgreen Drugs instead. I sat waiting for the turn light to go green and when it did, I start to pull into the intersection to turn left. I see a car coming toward the red light on the main road and he isn't going to stop.

I am so proud of my quick thinking! I can be pretty slow at some things but I got stopped quick enough to keep from that car from t-boning me in the driver's side (which would have badly injured me or killed me). But.... boom. I am hit from behind. I had stopped.... but the old truck behind me didn't.

The damage isn't bad. Just the rear bumper has to be replaced.

But, for a couple of days I could not make myself go back out and crawl into that car and crank it up and drive away!! The thought of  'What if I had not stopped' went through my mind constantly.

Three days later though I went to Walmart, bought those gifts and went on to my Women's Circle Christmas party to take those toys. But you can believe I did some serious defensive driving!!

My beloved Ford 500. It's 13 years old but she's my baby. The first and only car I ever purchased by myself and she fits my lifestyle great. I even got a letter from the Ford dealership just the other day wanting to buy my car... Ford did not make the 500s but a couple years and they are in high demand now. But, they aren't getting mine!


  1. We are all very thankful that you were not hurt!

  2. Oh my Latane. So glad you are o.k. And you proved age is not always a factor. You handled it well.

  3. Latane,
    So grateful you were not hurt. I am like you and really dislike going to Wal-Mart. I like the Family Dollar store. Take care of yourself.

  4. So glad you weren't hurt! And that your car isn't too badly crunched, wither! Glad you got back out there.

  5. Thankful that you were not injured, Latane, and hope your faithful Ford will b repaired and provide many more years of service. Good thinking on your part to avoid being hit, but bad thinking on the one who rear-ended your car.

  6. Oh, Latane! I'm so sorry. You take it easy. We love you!

  7. Praise God for your being able to think fast when you needed to! God is good like that. I know what you mean, I started shopping at Big Lots for many things because the thought of going to the big city Wal*Mart was just too daunting. Glad that you got er done when the chips were down. I sit too much, too, and must get up and move. Thanks for reminding me. I love my car, too. It's eight years old and I hope to keep it a very long time.


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